One. Two. Three Months Old Already!  

I cannot believe our sweet little lady is three months old today! I haven’t written about the first or second month experience (bad blogger moment) so this is my way of playing catch up!

Life has gotten so much more meaningful in so many ways. You really wouldn’t believe the things you do for your baby. Whether its getting past those first painful weeks of breastfeeding, getting up every few hours to change them or even just getting use to the fact that leaving the house is so much complicated than ever before. You truly go incredible heights for a tiny person that you barely met days or months ago. And you do it no mater how exhausted you are because it’s instinct and it’s love.

Month one: 

Ge’ez that was rough. Postpartum is no effing joke! Every day was a challenge. To put it straight forward… I could hardly walk because of the stitches and whatever the hell else was going on down there. Haha! I also remember crying every time she latched because the first few seconds was so incredibly painful but it truly does get so much easier as time goes by.  Also, heres tip…. shield your nipples in the shower lol. But by day eight I felt great. I could walk again without doing a little pimp limp and breastfeeding only took about two-three weeks before the pain went away completely! Trust me…. it gets better! ❤

Kaia wasn’t a really good sleeper at first. When we tried putting her down in her crib for the first few days we noticed how quickly she would wake up and we knew something had to change. I figured she didn’t like the loneliness of being in her crib and felt vulnerable because she was used to being so close to me on the inside. I was exhausted and I finally said whatever to all the people who gave me their advice about sleep training and what “not to do” I  finally gave into my instincts: My baby NEEDS me and needs to be close to me in order to sleep well and feel safe. Nighttime feeding became an easy task because she was laying right next to me. All I had to do was unhook my nursing tank and boom! It all happened so naturally. Of course with bed sharing there are precautions you need to take to sleep safe with a newborn. For us, it works like a dream.

Housework was almost impossible to do because of healing but I still tried to do a little here and there just because I cannot just lay in bed all day when the house needs tending and food needs to be made. It was a real challenge excepting the fact that I was no longer able to clean and cook under an hour like I use too. A simple task could literally take all. day. long.

11lbs 22in long

Month two:
Healing was complete! I finally got the ok to start getting back into my active lifestyle. I also lost all my baby weight by this point. Breastfeeding worked wonders for me.

Ahhh so what’s life like with a two month old? Well, all she wanted to do was eat, sleep, eat some more and be in my arms 24/7. She started to become more aware and had a bit more awake time. Of course we took advantage of her awake time to play, sing and read to her and we still do! She spent most of her time eating or using me as a human pacifier. She hates the “real” pacifiers so the only way to soothe her is for her to be in my arms suckling away.

Housework got a bit easier because I wore Kaia in a carrier for most of the day since she isn’t good at taking naps without being held close. For the most part, I’ve learned that it’s okay to not get anything done and that cuddling and feeding her is top priority and much more fun than putting stress on yourself thinking: “this needs to be done right this second” I use to be a perfectionist but now I learned that having  everything in perfect order can’t always happen. I lowered my expectations A LOT so if the dishes weren’t done when someone got home? Oh well. Laundry isn’t put away? No big deal.


15lbs 24in long

Month three:

I completely forgot about labor, delivery and recovery and I honestly want another one already! For sure its way too soon but we plan on having our babies close together.

Kaia is growing so fast and has been smiling, giggling and doing this insanely cute play scream! I’m still feeding her on demand and let me tell you she is the chunkiest 3 month old anyone ever did see! Our sleep situation is still the same. She sleeps tucked under my arm and in close contact to milk so if she wakes up, she never cries just wiggles a bit and almost immediately starts to eat/ soothe herself. She eats for a while and right back to sleep she goes.

I’m now some what of a pro at being a stay at home mom. Tasks have become easier since she has been having more awake time. She chills in a bouncer while I shower and I’m constantly talking to her in there since she’s now old enough to comprehend that I’m still right there close by.  I still wear Kaia while I cook and clean but it takes much longer to do while lugging around more than 18lbs. But now, if I’m unable to get something done throughout the day there’s always tomorrow.

18lbs 12oz 26in long



It’s amazing to watch Kaia grow into a little person. The first month all she did was sleep and eat but now she’s beginning to be a lot of fun. It melts my heart how she knows who we are and we’re always welcomed with a sweet smile when she sees us. She is literally attached to my hip and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. The constant closeness between us and the love is just overflowing 24/7!

If you’re a first time mama like me struggling with how to juggle home life and baby life. Let it go! No ones putting any pressure on you to get anything done. If it’s that important ask for help. If not. Oh well. Cuddling your baby is way more important than the dishes. It did take me a few weeks to figure this out but I’m so happy I did. Watching Kaia grow is so fun and I’m lucky I don’t miss any second of it (literally).

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