Cloth Diaper Update! 

So I set my heart on using cloth diapers since I found out about them a few years ago. I started purchasing them pretty much the minute I found out we were pregnant. I read on other cloth mama blogs not to purchase a lot of the same kind until we know which ones work the best for us.

After she was born I gave myself two weeks so I could recover a bit before I jump into using cloth diapers. I started with newborn sized: Prefolds, with covers. I had one Rumparooz and two Thirsties. We also had a few all in one diapers: two Lil Joey’s, two Imagine, and one BumGenius. I found that the prefolds worked the best even though they were bulky. They soaked up everything really well. The other all in one newborns she out grew pretty quickly and the bumgenius leaked the most! I didn’t use cloth diapers exclusively because I only had a few of “newborn” sized which she used up really fast throughout the day. When I did run out of cloth,  I used disposable diapers like Bamboo Nature and the Honest Company. One time daddy brought home Pampers and she immediately got a rash. I found the honest company diapers to leak with poop explosions almost every time.

We started using our ‘real’ diaper stash around 5 weeks old when she had the chance to grow into them a bit. I say real because they are one size with snaps that will fit her until she’s 35 lbs (money saver, cha-Ching!)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
On the left: the smallest setting that she’s in right now. The snaps allow the diaper to expand and grow with her as you can tell on the right.

I’m still learning what brands I like best. So far I found that Mama Koala is my least favorite. Unlike other brands mama koala only has two snaps so you don’t really get a custom fit round the thighs. IMG_2205

Brands like Babygoal and Alva are really great because they have three snaps. One for around the thighs and two for the waist. I haven’t found any to be more absorbent yet.


My favorite though is from a website called Cloth Diapers For Less. They have double gussets around the thighs to make sure nothing leaks and they also have three snaps for a better fit. This website also gives you an option of what kind of insert you would like: hemp, bamboo or microfiber! My inserts right now are microfiber and hemp. I have yet to purchase bamboo but plan on doing so in the near future!


We haven’t had any leaks (so far) and we’re already saving so much money. With disposable diapers costing us $30 bucks a week, in three years diapers would have cost us around $4,700! Yikes! My stash is a decent size: I have 6 of mama koala, Alva and babygoal and 4 of cloth diapers for less brand. My 22 cloth diapers that will last us until she’s potty trained cost about $170 and the newborn sized diapers cost us about $130. In total, our whole entire cloth diaper stash cost around $300. Not to mention some of these were gifted to us at our baby shower so it was even less than that amount.

I’m so in love with using cloth diapers because they seem to be working better than the disposable diapers, they are cheaper, environmentally friendly, plus we get to choose what cute and colorful prints we want!


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