Birth Affirmations

As D-day is fast approaching I find myself with mixed emotions about this highly anticipated day. I’m anxious, a little fearful, excited and extremely eager to meet our daughter who I’ve been growing inside of me for 9 freaking months!  Although I have been telling myself that labor and birth is a normal, natural process, some doubtful thoughts about my own power and ability to give birth have been rising lately as the day is fast approaching. I guess it’s a good thing that I acknowledge these fears so I can let them go as best as I can, but it’s definitely easier said than done.

With the extensive amount of research I’ve done on labor, birth and everything in between, all of a sudden I find myself feeling unprepared, worried and even a little bit negative about the day that is so unavoidably around the corner. On the other hand, I have these moments of self-confidence and excitement because of my mindset (the positive one) and the knowledge I have about birth. It’s a funny thing how these two types of thought patterns can coexist almost simultaneously. One minute I feel perfectly capable while the next, fear strikes me down and beats me almost to a pulp.

I am certainly aware of how consuming these thoughts can be and I’m sure we all know how the mind can be a very deceiving thing. Of course the trick is to separate these thoughts and become mindful of the ones that creep in uninvited. Which again is much easier said than done.

When the day comes I will need to find the strength to relax my mind because my body will certainly know what to do. I’ve been reading over affirmations that I believe will help distract and ease my mind so I can let my body do its thing.

Birth Affirmations

  •  I surrender with confidence
  • I am happy and relaxed for this perfect day
  • The more I can relax the faster my baby will come
  • I am aware and in control of my breathing
  • My body and baby know what to do
  • I am excited to give birth
  • My baby is happy and healthy
  • I stay calm during contractions
  • I am safe
  • My body is loose and limp and my mind is calm
  • I am amazed at my powerful capability
  • I trust my instincts, I trust my body, I trust my baby
  • I feel the pressure as a very good sign of my baby’s journey
  • Contractions are not my enemy
  • With each breath I am closer to meeting my baby   
  • I soften and open with ease
  • This will not last forever

Reading over these affirmations leaves me with a sense of serenity  and hope. Although I’ve never experienced birth (obviously) I’ve always pictured it to be a time in a women’s life that will impact her and be remembered forever. The birth of new life is such a beautiful thing which I really need to focus all of my good intentions on. I want to remember this day not as a horrific event in my life but as a day that we got to welcome our daughter in a calm, empowered and loving environment. It’s truly up to me to acknowledge my fears and doubts so I can let them go and surrender FEARLESSLY to the forces and power of birth.

Spirit & Sol 

Just some last-minute helpful reminders for my partners.

Tips for my labor partner: 

Its going to be easy for me to forget these tips during the moment. So please remind me: I am safe, this is normal, I am doing great. 

  • The pain you feel is not because there is something wrong with you. Its normal, natural and safe.
  • Your body is perfectly designed to give birth
  • Don’t tense up: relax all the muscles in your body- your brow, jaw, shoulders, bottom.
  • Rest in between contractions: drink water, get ready for the next one.
  • After each contraction remind me that I’m doing good, that one is now over and to take a deep breath. Remind me to calm my body, relax all of my muscles and remind me that with each contraction I am progressing.
  • Move positions as much as I can. Use gravity.
  • Contractions come in waves: when its first coming on take a deep breath and know once you take your second deep breath, that it’s about to peak. On  your third deep breath, its about to lose intensity.a472ef2d7167090ed50f186d64757412.jpg




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