9 Month Bumpdate!

The last few weeks have been the same as far as how I’ve been feeling: exhausted, filled with joy, over it, excited, someone save me. HAHA! Around three weeks ago Kaia found herself comfortable right on my sciatic nerve. The pain was extreme and it left me feeling hopeless with a sharp shooting-numbing pain running down the back of my legs. Ouch. I found myself miserable in the worse pain I have ever felt (besides what’s yet to come in labor). My doctor told me it was just another side effect of pregnancy and it will go away after she changed positions. I went home hoping she would change soon… It hurt to lay down, it hurt to stand up and walk and it even hurt to be stretching. After being so discouraged that nothing was helping, I found myself on the floor one day crying and begging for Kaia to move into another position. Within the next two days I woke up without any pain. I asked myself if it was just a good day or if she had really moved. A few more days had gone by where I woke up feeling the best I’ve felt in a while… she had really listened to me. Thanks girl!

35 weeks

After those tough weeks went by I found myself dealing with all the other aches and pains pretty well. She would be kicking my ribs or just moving so crazy it felt like my insides were twisting around but I thought to myself I would rather deal with this than her being on my back nerves again. Oh the joys!

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At 34 weeks my body was already producing colostrum! Waking up one day to a wet T-shirt I was thrilled and overjoyed with the fact that my body just KNOWS what needs to happen. At 35 weeks I started having period like cramping or “contractions” but I feel like they shouldn’t be called contractions just yet. I went to my checkup and got the thumbs up because my cervix was softening and her head was down and in position. 35 weeks and 6 days my mucus plug came out and I freaked out a bit thinking it was a little too early since some say they went into labor within a day or two after loosing their mucus plug. But of course everyone is different so while some may of went to labor within an hour or a day, I’m still pregnant after four days! I have been experiencing “practice contractions” with a lot of pressure down in my pelvis, which of course is a good sign! My body and baby definitely know what to do!

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It sure has been a wild ride. I can’t believe I can even say that I’m 9 months pregnant. It seems so unreal that she can be here any time. Some days I’m super excited to get to meet the little person whose been growing inside of me… other days I’m like holy shit there’s actually someone inside of me! It’s a crazy, exciting, nerve-racking feeling. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and I’ve always felt like it would be something I would do extremely well at. But I have to be honest, It’s a little bit intimidating now that I can become a mother at any moment. It must be all of my hormones racing and the undeniable fact that our lives are about to change forever.

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It really helps knowing that I have such a great man by my side that has been there for me through it all. I feel extremely grateful that its he and I about to embark on this journey together and evolving from just us— to a family of three.

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9 months pregnant

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