Garden Party!


I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! This past weekend was my baby shower and after planning, organizing and more planning I can finally take a breath of relief! I really did enjoy planning it since admittedly, I’m a control freak-perfectionist and when I have something in mind, a vision I suppose, I need everything to be done my way or the highway. It’s not such a bad quality to have especially when it comes to party planning! After months and months of lists, Pinterest and creating handmade decorations, this weekend I got to see my vision come to life!

It all started on Friday the 13th when my mom and I met up with my mother in law at Costco. I came prepared with my color coordinated grocery list of ingredients we needed for the sandwich fillings, salads and appetizers. The shopping went by so easy and we left with so much food at a killer deal! Saturday was our prep day and the five and a half of us~ Me, Kaia, my mom, mother in law Maria, Meg and Connie came together and prepped all of the beautiful delicious food. It took us all about 4ish hours to complete everything and it all went really well with no food catastrophes! We catered my baby shower with flavor~ Herbed quinoa with chickpeas, black bean and barley salad with chipotle lime vinaigrette, curried chicken salad sandwiches on crossiants, ham and cheddar sandwiches on rolls with a spicy mango mustard spread, turkey pinwheels and the veggie, fruit, and cracker tray. And of course, shout out to the few family members who brought the potato, pasta and green salad!

Sunday the 15th rolled around and my alarm went off. I can’t say I had my beauty sleep since I’ve been battling with insomnia for months now. I got up anyway with an excited, nervous I need coffee asap feeling. I was nervous about the decorations I’ve made, the set up, wondering if we would have enough food and time and sanity to get through the day. We loaded up everything, thanks to my darling hubby and my poor mom who actually tripped and sprained her ankle (we lol about it now). My grandma met us there along with Maria, Connie and Meg. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and I couldn’t have asked for a better team that day!

12:30 strikes the clock and I rush home to change and get ready. I arrived at my shower at 1:15 and to my surprise people were already there. I stumble in awkwardly and made my rounds. I quickly go into the kitchen and ask Connie what else needs to be done. She tells me nothing and to get back out there and talk to people. I guess since I never had a baby shower I didn’t realize there was going to be such a social aspect of it. It would have been much easier if I could have had a tequilla shot to help turn me into a social butterfly. But of course, I was the guest of honor and everyone was there for Kaia and I. We managed to relax a bit without any liquid courage and we sat, chatted, joked around and enjoyed everyone’s company.

For the decorations I was so set on making a bunch of things since I really do enjoy arts and crafts. I made giant tissue paper flowers and origami butterflies. For the center pieces we hung the butterfly’s on the glass jars that I have been saving for months and filled them with fresh flowers. We bought a few streamers to hang here and there and I couldn’t pass up the huge silver K A I A balloons!  Everything worked out like I had planned and everyone really loved my hand-crafted decorations.




The games that were played were how many candies in the jar (856 skittles), measuring my waist or lack of waist I should say, and the “you can’t say baby” or someone takes your clothes pin. Along with the games I also had a birthday prediction calendar where people wrote their name next to the date with their guess of her height and weight. And also a “guest book” where they signed their name and a special note to Kaia.

“Please sign your name along with a wish so that mommy and daddy can read this to me for years to come! Love,  Kaia”
The favors, prizes and the guest book: The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The prizes were my favorite to put together. For the first one I bought two butterfly tea cups, coconut green tea in a cute baby pink tin along with some raw honey. For the next prize I bought a cute apron and mitt set and made cookie mix in a mason jar, YUM! The third and final was all 856 skittles and of course a bottle of vino!




Kaia’s 8th, 12th, 20th and 34th week ultrasound pictures

DSC_0799 (2).jpg

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Party favors with flower seeds for a butterfly garden

The cake was to die for! Ever since I can remember we have gone to the same cake lady for all of our family parties. When planning out my baby shower I knew there was no other option. If you’re in my area and are looking  for some quality treats I highly recommend Light House 55 Bakery . She is the sweetest lady and makes amazing goodies!


After handing out cake I started to open up the presents. We got the most adorable things. It was a pretty surreal experience since in just a few short weeks she will be actually wearing the clothes! I still can’t imagine our tiny little girl fitting into such tiny little outfits! I felt so extremely grateful to have so many people show up and shower us with so much love!


Our celebration was over by 5pm, which in my opinion, four hours is the perfect amount of time for a sweet Sunday shower. Some guests stuck around to help clean up and chat while others went home with party favors, vases of flowers and food.

The 5pm lighting was amazing!


Everything really came together in such an easy-going way. From the days leading up to it at Costco and the Saturday everyone helped with food preparations, to the set up on Sunday morning and lastly to everyone who came together to celebrate our new bundle of joy. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make this special day come to life! Everything turned out exactly how I’d hope it would plus more!


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