29 Weeks~Bump date!

I’m 29 weeks today! Which means I’m 7 months pregnant and a week into my third trimester. It’s crazy how time has been flying by. It seems just like yesterday that I peed on that little stick and found out that I was going to become a mother. We’ve come such a long way.

I’m hoping my third trimester is better than my first and my second because to be honest I’ve had a hell of a time growing this tiny human! Every pregnancy is so unique and most women love being pregnant. They have zero symptoms, they’re glowing and just raving about how easy pregnancy is. Although I’m not one of those women… I salute  and respect all mothers who’ve embraced all aspects of pregnancy— the rainbows and butterflies part of it and the truthful aches and pains of it too.

Going into my second trimester I thought everything was going to be fine and dandy like everyone says “the second trimester is a dream”. I started getting my energy back and started to feel somewhat normal. But of course, nothing is as it seems. It started with my thyroid then about every few days I started to get round ligament pain. It was so painful there was a few times I was stranded in bed afraid to move for hours at a time. Just a few weeks ago it was so bad that I was nauseated, dizzy and had hot flashes. I literally thought I was going into labor. I know I should have gone to ER, but at the time I was alone and a bit too preoccupied with trying to cope with the pain. I tried doing my breathing exercises and mantras because I thought to myself this is round ligament pain and I bet it doesn’t even come close to what labor feels like so be strong dammit! But of course all those mantras flew out the f*cking window and I resorted to having a mini panic attack. Fun times! Cue the never-ending back aches and insomnia. Since I have no idea what sleep is anymore I walk around exhausted, confused and with beautiful black bags under my eyes. Oh but you say just wait till she gets here right? I’m use to it, so bring on all the sleepless nights… at least I’ll be holding her and she wont be drop kicking my ass anymore! I love feeling her move around (don’t get me wrong) but when she’s punching my bladder it’s almost impossible to say that I enjoy it. This week started with rib cage pain on my right side which I’m told will probably get worst until about week 36 when she drops. I’ve been extremely emotional and uncomfortable. I’ve also been having Braxton hick contractions with some menstration-like cramping. It’s so weird feeling those type of cramps because it feels so familiar but I haven’t felt them in such a long time! I’m told to drink water and rest. Other than that it’s a completely normal symptom of the third trimester. Aww how sweet. It’s welcoming me with open arms… sigh….

Truthfully, going into my third trimester is a little bit daunting especially since I’ve had such a hard time already. I haven’t heard too many good things about the third trimester because well…. it’s when you really get huge, you can’t get out of bed or tie your shoes, you pee a ton and your insides are super smooshed so your constipated and can’t breathe. Nesting kicks in, hospital bags are being packed and your baby’s birth-day is right around the corner. I’m excited because her arrival is inching closer and closer but also find myself not completely ready to have her earth side. We’re in the middle of moving and I feel like nothing is ready but thankfully I still have about 8-12 weeks. But who am I kidding!?  The time is going to fly by just like the past seven months and she’ll be here before we can even blink. Fingers crossed that we’re ready or that my damn nesting kicks in. So here’s to the joyous third trimester! To say that I’m curious to meet the gal and excited to have her finally in my arms after everything would be an understatement.

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