Cloth Diaper Styles I’ll Be Using!

We’ve officially started our cloth diaper stash! Let me just say, I’ve already become so obsessed! From cute prints and colors and different styles I’m beyond excited for my girl to get here!! I have about 15 cloth diapers so far. While reading up about all the different types and brands of cloth diapers and also reading fellow mama blogs I decided that the best style of cloth diaper to start out with is all of them. Having a variety of cloth diapers made sense to me because every baby out there is different and what works for one mama and baby might not work for the next. I found great resources on mom blogs and you tube channels which explain in such great detail about style options and every single one of them was humble enough to say that everyone IS different.

So how many diapers should you have in your stash? Well it really depends on your wash routine and the age of your baby. Since newborns need to be changed more often the recommended amount is 10-12 per 24 hours. 6-18 months it’s about 6-8 per 24 hours and 18 months-through potty training it’s about 5-6. It’s also believed that cloth diapers help potty train your little one sooner! For some, cloth diapering will be a way for them to be saving money so the minimal amount of cloth diapers will work just fine. But it’s always a good idea to have a little more on hand, just in case!

Since I don’t know yet which types or styles will work for my baby, I really want a good-sized stash. If I find one brand or style works better for my baby, I can either save it (to see if we plan on having more kids) or sale it back out into the world. YES, you’ve read that right. You can actually sale your good condition diapers to websites like this one ! Cloth diapers are truly an investment! Here are the styles of cloth diapers I have so far:

All in ones/ All in twos

Of course cloth diapers can be extremely pricy depending on what style and brand you choose to get. All in ones (AIO) and all-in-twos (AI2s) which are the most expensive, are diapers that are exactly like disposables. The only difference being when you take it off you throw it in the diaper pale to wash instead of throwing it away. These are the most easiest and most up to date cloth diaper technology there is (if that’s a thing) lol. So far, I have four of these styles. One is a newborn Bum genius, the other being Imagine (AI2) which is like an all in one but has an extra insert attachment. Its pretty much like the hybrid between pockets/AIO. The other two are from the website Cloth Diapers for less, “Alva” brand. I’m really happy with the four of these since they are “family friendly” and the easiest to use. The fabric is extremely soft and I even joked around that I should try one out since I have to pee every five minutes! Haha!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


The next cloth diaper I have is the pocket diaper. It comes with a waterproof cover, a soft inside and then an opening in the back or a “pocket” to stuff inserts in. I have eight of these bad boys, six being from Mama Koala and two being from cloth diapers for less.  I found that pocket diapers are really reasonably priced. You can find awesome deals on Amazon! Pocket diapers are just a tad bit harder in a sense, but not really. Before throwing these into the diaper pale, you first have to take out the insert and then throw the diaper and insert into the pail. They also might be a little more time-consuming since you have to re-stuff them after you wash them. You might be thinking that you have to touch, deal and be more in contact with poop with these or even cloth diapers in general. That’s not the case at all. But hey let’s be honest— You will have to deal with your baby’s poop NO MATTER WHAT.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

COVERS with Inserts/prefolds

The most affordable of all cloth diapers! But a little more “advanced” to use. I don’t have any prefolds yet but I’ll put a picture in of what they look like. Their pretty much what everyone pictures when they think of “cloth diapers” A piece of cloth that you fold up into a diaper looking contraption and put pins on them. Although now a days there’s an awesome thing called a Snappi but you can totally use pins if that floats your boat! So you have your prefold and then a waterproof cover. These are a little different because you can re-use the diaper COVER 3-5 times before you wash it, depending on if it gets dirty. With the prefold you just unwrap it and toss it in the diaper pail. I have three of these covers so far which are new-born sizes. One of them is from Thirsties and two from Rumparooz! I have not yet purchased prefolds because I registered for them for my shower. The prefolds come in different sizes, material and an option of bleached or unbleached. So far on my registry I have:

  • 36 count 100% cotton unbleached newborn  5-12lbs
  • 18 count 100% cotton unbleached size 1 7-15lbs
  • 24 count 100% cotton unbleached size 2 15-35lbs



Here’s a photo of what unbleached prefold look like and the snappi 🙂

My cloth diaper stash so far is a pretty good size. While reading other mama’s advice on how many cloth diapers you actually need, they all for the most part, said it depends on what your wash schedule is like. I really feel like cloth diapering is one of those things that you can research, take other experienced moms advice and prepare for it as much as you can but when it comes down to it, everyday will be a learning experience until you and you baby find out what works best you two. Like everything else, cloth diapering is about your attitude towards it! For me, I was super excited to do all the research and fully look into what my options are. I have enough time, patience and a good attitude towards it so I think cloth diapers for me will be a good fit. Plus, I plan on being a stay at home mama so doing the laundry is no biggy!

In my next post about cloth diapers I’ll be writing about what to do with the dirty ones +washing them and accessories. 🙂

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