Ten Old Wives Tales That Were Actually True!

Waiting 16-20 weeks to find out your little ones gender can feel like a lifetime!! Theres always people around who like to guess on the gender of your baby and of course you have your own idea of what your little one is! For me, I had a really strong feeling it was a little girl! Along the way I did do some fun “old wives tales” gender predicting tests. Of course this is only for fun but for some reason, every gender test that I did was all pointing to a girl! Here are 10 gender predictions that were actually right on for me!

  1. “Craving” sweet and sour things. It’s not like I had or even have any crazy cravings. But for some reason savory foods were not appealing to me! I would rather be eating ice cream, sour candy that I haven’t eaten for years, baked goods and of course chocolate.
  2. Chinese birth chart! Yes. This one was right for me!
  3. Mayan gender chart. TRUE! 22, June.
  4. Baking soda test. Simply (lol) pour your pee into a cup filled with baking soda. If it fizzes, it’s a boy. If nothing happens, which was in my case, its a girl!
  5. Gaining weight in your hips, mid-section and booty! Even at 23 weeks I hardly have a “baby bump” I look more bloated and all around well- rounded. At least I’m gaining weight in the good areas. haha!
  6.  The necklace test or ring test. I took off my Jade necklace that I wear 24/7 and put it on my belly then lifted it up. Rumer has it if it starts to swing in a circular motion its a girl! If its back and forth you have yourself a boy!
  7. Color of pee. Bright yellow you’re having a boy. Dull and cloudy it’s a girl! I mean obviously your first morning pee, because the whole day I’m chugging water and peeing clear the rest of the day.
  8. Sicker than a dog! Ugh! It’s true what they say. Girl babes really take a lot out of you! From morning sickness that lasted throughout the whole day, to not keeping anything down. My first tri was horrible!
  9. Favorite side to sleep on. If you sleep more on your left side, which you’re “suppose” to be doing, you’re carrying a boy. If you sleep on your right side, which I do all the time, you’re carrying a girl.
  10. Dreaming of having a boy. I’ve read somewhere on the net that if you’re having dreams of a baby boy, you’re actually carrying a girl! All of my dreams that I had were all about babyboys! Even my mom had a dream I was having a boy!

These were all fun ways to predict if our little baby was a girl or a boy! They also say 71% of mamas just KNOW what they are having! 🙂


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