5 Reasons I’m choosing cloth diapers!

Before I even became pregnant I knew I wanted to cloth diaper! In this post I’ll be sharing my personal reasons why I’m doing it:

  1. The Comfort: Would you like to be sitting in paper underwear all day?  I wouldn’t! The fabric of cloth diapers is so much softer than that of disposables.
  2. Sensitive baby booty: disposables function because of all the junk that’s in them. Babies will be wearing a diaper 24 hours a day for at least the first three years of life. I personally would rather not put anything toxic so close to my baby’s bum. It’s scary stuff… I’m not going to go on about all the harmful chemicals found in disposable diapers. But if your interested in reading about them, here’s an article.
  3.  Money– Investing in your cloth diapers ranges from  $300-$700 dollars. It TRULY depends on what type/ brands of cloth diapers you decide to use.  Not to mention if I choose to have any more babies, cloth diapers can last for more than just one kid 🙂Cost-Savings.gif
  4.  Environment: When you throw away disposable diapers they end up in our local landfill. Disposables take over 500 years to decompose and by adding untreated human waste to our soil it’s contaminating our ground water which can spread diseases. We’re not all tree hugging hippies and I don’t think I’ll be saving the World by using cloth diapers. But to know I won’t be contributing to landfills with dirty diapers feels good!
  5. They are cute: Ok, lets talk about how adorable they are. With so much variety of prints and colors to choose from I might even not put pants on my baby! Haha! But let’s be honest I know plenty of babes who hate wearing pants.

When it comes to cloth diapering I don’t think I’m any better then other mamas out there using disposables. It’s kind of funny because I feel like it’s the complete opposite. Every time I tell someone I’m planning on using cloth diapers they gasp in disbelief and start to tell me how hard it’s going to be and how “gross” it is. I totally feel judged by my decision… I’m not shouting to the roof tops that disposables are bad and how much money ill be saving! I really do respect everyone’s choice and it would be so awesome if everyone else respected mine too! Besides, becoming a parent is about discovering what works best for your family. I really trust that cloth diapering is a great choice for my family.

In my next post about cloth diapers I’ll be sharing what types of cloth diapers I have already/ what I plan on getting next! and so on…

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