22 Weeks- Wait What?!

Okay but seriously where has the time gone? I’m sitting here two weeks shy of being 6 months pregnant! I can’t believe it! I’ve been feeling my little babe move around since about 16 weeks but the last week or so I can feel her getting stronger. I was half way asleep when I jolted in surprise of how strong of a kick, punch, twirl- whatever it was, it was so hard it scared me! Daddy feels her move around too and I’ve actually caught her a few times on video. How funny is it though, I feel like she knows when I’m recording  her because all of a sudden she stops when I hit that button!

Oh but I’m feeling so much better. I really believe it has something to do with my herbal infusions that I’ve been drinking plus my workout routine that I’ve been doing since about 16 weeks. I feel incredible!! I’m really enjoying my pregnancy now. I’m still in the awkward “beer belly” stage. Although some days she’s obviously stretching out and other days I don’t look pregnant at all! Obviously here in this photo she’s out enjoying the sun! I find my self more and more reaching down and holding my belly. Although sometimes it might look a little awkward  like I just have a stomach ache on the days I have a flat belly. HAHA! To the outside world I may not look pregnant but knowing there is actually someone growing inside is so amazing!


I’m so happy I finally get to enjoy this pregnancy! It truly is a miracle how my body is growing and changing and making my baby. I’m so grateful that I get to experience such a divine transformation. I love being able to embrace such a beautiful time in my life and appreciate my body and baby so much. They say you’ll never truly be ready for it, but I feel in my heart that this couldn’t of come at a better time. I’ve been dreaming of the day of when I would be a mother. I’m super thrilled to have my own little family- to learn to love and to grow together! Cheers to being 5 and a half months pregnant!

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