Herbal Infusions

For the past three weeks I’ve been brewing up my herb medicine on the daily! Herbal infusions are actually pretty simple. Similar to tea, you have your dried herbs and your boiling water, the only thing that changes is the steep time! If I wake up early in the morning I usually steep my infusion 4-6 hours. If I remember to brew it the night before then it usually steeps 8-10 hours. By infusing the herbs for a long period of time, it allows them to release larger amounts nourishment like calcium, other minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and proteins from their most natural formThere’s also so many other benefits that solely depend on what herbs you choose to brew!

Fast-forward to what kind of blend I’ve been using. I found this great small business called Euphoric Herbals. They offer so many varieties of tea blends, salves and lactation supplements. I personally choose the Wombwellness blend. Every month I’ll be receiving a pound of this goodness! Here are the 5 herbs that are in this amazing blend and their benefits.

Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL)- throughout pregnancy this herb can be traced to the strengthening power of fragine, an alkaloid which tones the muscles of the pelvic region, including the uterus itself. There are so many nourishing powers of the vitamins and minerals found in this plant which include: A Concentration of vitamin C,  vitamin E and the easily assimilated calcium and iron. Raspberry leaves also contain vitamins A and B complex and many minerals, including phosphorous and potassium.

  • The benefits of drinking a raspberry leaf throughout pregnancy include:
    • *Preventing miscarriage and hemorrhage. Raspberry leaf tones the uterus and helps prevent miscarriage and postpartum hemorrhage from a relaxed or atonic uterus.
      *Easing of morning sickness. Many attest to raspberry leaf’s gentle relief of nausea and stomach distress throughout pregnancy.
      *Reducing pain during labour and after birth. By toning the muscles used during labour and delivery, Raspberry leaf eliminates many of the reasons for a painful delivery and prolonged recovery. It does not, however, counter the pain of pelvic dilation.
      *Providing a safe and speedy parturition. Raspberry leaf works to encourage the uterus to let go and function without tension. It does not strengthen contractions, but does allow the contracting uterus to work more effectively and so may  make the birth easier and faster.
      *The high mineral content of Raspberry leaf assissts with production of plentiful breast milk.
      *Easily assimilated content of calcium and magnesium, to relieve leg cramps.
      *Also high in iron, the leaves and berries help prevent anemia.

NETTLE LEAVES (Urtica Dioca)
Nettle is one of the finest nourishing tonics known. It is reputed to have more chlorophyll than any other herb. The list of vitamins and minerals in this herb includes nearly every one known to be necessary for human health and growth. Nettle leaves are a storehouse of nutrition, with high iron and calcium contents, as well as an excellent source of folic acid, an essential nutrient during pregnancy. Nettle strengthens the kidneys, which is very important during pregnancy since your kidney’s have to work twice as hard to support your increased blood volume, and adrenals. Also Nettle relieves fluid retention and supports the vascular system, it can prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Postpartum, it increases breast milk. Vitamins A, C, D and K, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron and sulphur are particularly abundant in nettles.

  • The benefits of drinking nettle infusions throughout pregnancy include:
    • *Aiding the kidneys. Since the kidneys must cleanse 150 percent of the normal blood supply for most of the pregnancy, nettle’s ability to nourish and strengthen them is of major importance.
      * Nourishing mother and fetus.
      * Easing leg cramps and other spasms.
      * Diminishing pain during and after birth. The high calcium content, which is readily assimilated, helps diminish muscle pains in the uterus, in the legs and elsewhere.
      * Preventing hemorrhage after birth. Nettle is a superb source or vitamin K, and increased available hemoglobin, both of which decrease the likelihood of postpartum hemorrhage. Fresh Nettle Juice, in teaspoon doses, slows postpartum bleeding.
      * Reducing hemorrhoids.
      * Increasing the richness and amount of breast milk.

DANDELION LEAF (Taraxacum officinale)
Dandelion leaf increases digestion and promotes bile to relieve constipation. It is one of the best herbs for cleansing and strengthening the liver, our main detoxifying organ. The liver breaks down hormones no longer needed by the body after birth, and any drugs that may have been given at birth.

  • The benefits of drinking dandelion infusion before and throughout pregnancy include:
    • *Preventing and treating pre-eclampsia and strengthening the liver. (Poor functioning of the liver is both symptomatic and a causative of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a serious issue that requires medical attention.).
      *Gentle diuretic, helping the body to eliminate excess water retention, which is so common during pregnancy. Unlike typical diuretics, though, Dandelion Leaf will not rob the body of important nutrients, but will instead supply and feed the body with its readily-available vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron.
      *It helps the kidneys function better and also helps to prevent and correct anemia.

OATSTRAW(Avena sativa) Did you know during pregnancy your body can absorb TWICE as much calcium than when you aren’t pregnant?! A single cup of Oatstraw infusion contains more than 300mg of calcium. It is really important to take advantage of this limited window opportunity. Oatstraw is rich in calcium, it is sometimes referred to as “Milky Oats”. Oatstraw contains vitamins B, C, D, E and K plus carotene and many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, chromium and silica. Silica is one of the go to minerals for weak and thinning hair & nails.

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis)
The leaves, stems and flowers of the Lemon Balm plant have been traditionally used for medicinal purposes.  For thousands of years herbalists used lemon balm to treat any kind of disorder of the central nervous system. Lemon Balm contains flavonoids, polyphenols, and other compounds that appear to be responsible for this herb’s anti-herpes and thyroid-regulating actions. Lemon balm is frequently combined with other medicinal plants.

  • The benefits of drinking lemon balm infusion:
    • *Lemon Balm Tea can be used to fight insomnia and sleeping difficulties.
      *Can be used to treat nerve pain.
      *Helps in alleviating disorders of the digestive tract and gas problems.
      *Lemon Balm may help in the treatment of thyroid-related problems, though caution should be exercised by those on thyroid hormone treatment.
      *May help in strengthening memory and other brain functions.
      *Lemon Balm Tea may help in enhancing and improving the mood.

How awesome is it that by drinking this delicious blend you get so many advantages! Ever since I’ve started I’ve felt like I’ve truly had more energy. Every day, I brew up this magical infusion and by doing so my body and baby get so much goodness. I’m so happy to have found such a great small business who I will gladly be supporting throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

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