Pregnancy Workouts:

Studies have shown that staying active throughout your pregnancy has numerous benefits for both you and your baby. Of course if you are reading this in your first trimester you might be thinking that there is no way in hell you would be able to exercise right now. Don’t worry, its true what they say… It *eventually* gets better by the 2nd trimester!! I was one of those lucky pregnant ladies who was nauseous 100% of the time and EXHAUSTED. When I finally hit 13 weeks I remember thinking yay! But then of course I started having breathing problems. Around month four of my pregnancy is when I actually started feeling “normal” and when I started to get active!

I switch up my workouts every day whether its just talking a long walk or a hike, doing workout videos from youtube, yoga or just streching with my birth ball. I highly recommend getting a birth ball by the way. They are super affrodable and help strech out your pelvic muscles. I even heard its great to have around when your in actually labor!

Ok so to the point now! I wanted to share some of my favortie workout/yoga videos with you. These workout videos are 10 minutes long. Sometimes when I’m feeling up to it I play more than one. But remember, you’re pregnant so forget about the sayings “push yourself to the limit” or “go hard or go home” at least while you have a baby in your belly! You never want to push yourself too hard, make sure you breathe and stop if you really need to!

  1. 10 minute workout with birth ball
  2. 10 minute arm workout
  3. 10 minute full body workout 
  4. 10 minute booty workout 
  5. 10 minute 2nd trimester toning 


  1. 10 minute yoga strength
  2. 3o minute relaxed yoga 

I hope you love these videos as much as I do! I know it might be hard sometimes to get motivated especially because well your pregnant, tired, moody and everything else. But just taking 10 minutes out of your day will make you feel so much better! Find the motivation!


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