20 weeks! Oh my! 

Wow! I have officially made it to the half way point! Morning sickness is non-exsistant although I’ve been having little dizzy spells here and there. My food aversions are actually getting much better! Yesterday I ate asparagus and mushrooms and this morning I didn’t pick out my spinach from my morning omelet! What?! Winning! I guess pregnancy isn’t so bad? Haha! Lets talk about insomnia though! AKA “natures way of getting you ready for manyyyy sleepless nights.” Last night I didn’t go to bed until 2am and woke up right around 4am when my hard-working man left for work. After that there was no going back to bed— I was tossing and turning like there was no tomorrow! I am guilty for one thing though. Usually around these early wee hours of the morning my baby is super active. Apart of me really wants to stay up and feel every dance movement it makes! Feeling my baby move really does put the realness factor into pregnancy! I’m not yet showing except for a little “bloated” looking so I think thats why I when my baby starts to move I’m over the moon about it! I think to myself every time.. yes every single time… “OMG THERES REALLY SOMETHING IN THERE––SOMEONE–– SOMETHING? INSIDE OF ME RIGHT NOW!! OMG–– IT’S MY CHILD!!! Oooh but I’m so sleepy… I really have thought about not sleeping for the next two years… What would it do to my sanity? But hey, I guess thats what its all about right? Sacrifice.

Today is Monday the 10th of October.. We find out the gender on Wednesday the 12th! Can you believe it? oh man time has been going by so fast! I remember thinking a month ago when they gave me the appointment date that there was no way in hell I would be able to survive a whole month! But I AM STRONG! I have made it! One day to go and around 9 in the morning on Wednesday I will know what gender my baby is! Pregnancy is so exciting. Lol… I know I’ve complained a lot over the last five months but I really feel like I’m getting to the point where I’m finally starting to enjoy it. I find my hands holding onto my little “beer” belly (calm down, not actual beer but it sure does look like a pudgy roll and not like a baby is in there) I find myself staying up at ungodly hours waiting for my little one to move around and get comfy. I also find myself talking to it, playing music and shinning my phone light on my belly… lol. I am so excited to become a mother! HAPPY 5 MONTHS TO YOU AND ME LITTLE ONE (and of course daddy since he has to deal with my sassy butt)!!

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