Major Food Aversions… Still. 

Even well into my 2nd trimester at 18 weeks I’ve been having major food aversions. Or as my man would call it I’m just super picky! It usually starts off with him naming off a complete list of every single food item in every single food group and I shake my head and say ewwww! I was a veggie eating healthy food loving freak before this pregnancy. Of course when I got pregnant it first started with morning sickness and I could only eat “bland” food such as crackers and plain pieces of toast. Weeks before entering my 2nd trimester I caught myself dreaming about all the goodness most websites and blogs have to offer: you can finally get back to eating! Of course when I reached the 13week mark which felt like a lifetime, I still was having major food aversions. Vegetables? Get out of town! Salads and pretty much everything green and “healthy” I couldn’t even stand the sight of! But hey give me a slice of cheesy pizza, I’m game. Pizza, potatoes, plain pasta pretty much all starchy foods and baked goodies are just some of my favorite things. Trust me when I say I certainly know this isn’t a well balanced healthy diet that my baby needs, but then again it beats the hell out of not eating at all! I do try when I can to sneak greens in my morning smoothie or spinach in my eggs (but let’s be honest I pick out the spinach because I truly cannot stand it). I’m taking my vitamins and trying to trick myself into eating vegetables in soups. But there’s only so much I can do right now. Is it in my head? Well from what I understand I can really be blaming it all on… Hormones! Dreaming of the days where I have my appetite back…


  1. Yogurt- Sometimes
  2. Kale and spinach- forgot about it!
  3. Eggs- Yes
  4. Salmon- Eww
  5. Berries- Yessssss
  6. Lamb- WTF
  7. Sweet potatoes- Sometimes
  8. Avocados- Yuck!
  9. Beans and lentils- Yes
  10. Nuts and seeds- Yes.. No.. Yes.


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