Mama-to-be: My 1st Trimester, Honestly. 

Ahhhh! I can finally say I’m feeling better. I’m being honest when I say that the last few months have not been easy for me. From morning sickness that lasted all day, to extreme exhaustion, not having an appetite and being super moody. On top of that, I could not breathe for the life of me! It started at 13 weeks and lasted five whole weeks and eventually my thyroid medication kicked in. JUST NOW. At 18 weeks my body is getting the hang of carrying my tiny creation.

So the pregnancy bliss and glow can finally kick in right? Haha! After Almost 4 and a half months of being half dead I can start doing the things I’ve always pictured my pregnancy self doing: prenatal yoga, dance, mediation, birth mantras and getting my body and mind ready for child birth and motherhood. I was so excited when we found out, but only a handful of days went by when pregnancy really took a toll on my body and mind.

I remember having this look on my face of pure disgust from my horrible nausea, hound dog smelling senses and a constant array of feelings… will I be good enough? OF COURSE I WILL BE. Becoming a mother has been something I’ve always wanted and waited for. But boy oh boy my body was hurting. I remember saying out loud multiple times that I am never doing this again and that I’m only going to have one child! Haha! It seems like just a small glimpse in the past. The feeling of being constantly sick I can remember….. But not as vividly as I said I would. I think that’s how most women end up having more babies because they totally forgot how horribly sick they were! Lets just say I’ve come ALONG WAY.

Now that I’m feeling better I found a great YouTube channels of prenatal yoga, birth-ball exercises as well as safe for pregnancy workouts. Plus I just received this beautiful card deck of birth mantras that I will be meditating on. I’ve bought three books by Ina May: Spiritual Midwifery, Guide to Child birth and also her Guide to Breastfeeding. The last few months have flown by! It’s truly up to me to live the pregnancy that I’ve always dreamed of having~ Completely trustworthy of my body and baby and the path of motherhood that has been put before me! Oooh and I’ve finally started writing the mama blog I’ve always wanted! YAY to being 18 weeks and finally out of the shit show of my 1st trimester horror stories!

Meditation Birth Mantra deck By SpiritySoL

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